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Mia's World of Wonder

Me Me Me well you asked for it!

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Who run this show????I RUN THIS SHOW!!!!

About Amelia-hola all. well heres some stuff about me. For one I am in LOVE with music. I am apart of the BI band. I listen to just about anything but my favorite type of music is rock: classical, some heavy, punk and such. I dont like to many screaming bands cuse i cant understand what they are saying. LOL. I do like some pop and rap. I can only listen to it like 30 times and then i get sick of it. I enjoy going to church belive it or not. I like being a part of the youth group. We dont do awhole lot but when we do its fun. Plus i like to be around Christains like me. I really dont like to hang around negative people cuse it only makes me negative. Not that I am perfect but negativity doesnt do me any good. Things that i like to do: hang out with my friends(the few i have, friends to me are some one you are close with), doing things online, sometimes reading, lately watch csi reruns on spike, and stare at the wall while listening to music. How exciting. Well now that you know me things with be ok. If anyone ever needs me I am hear to listen!!!

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